Monday, March 14, 2011

Cinéma tonight! cohosted by Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School & Miss Moss Corsets

Join us at Cinéma tonight for a fabulous night of burlesque beauties! With special thanks to our lovely cohosts Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School and Miss Moss Corsets!

representing Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art school tonight at Cinéma, Miss Marlen von Steenvag!

Marlen von Steenvag main site

another burlesque beauty from Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School joining us at Cinéma tonight: Lady Lou!

Lady Lou's main site

And, Miss Moss is joining us with her models at Cinéma tonight presenting a selection of her corset designs!

Cinéma - club night every second Monday at HBC in the Kino!
featuring: Dr Sketchy's burlesque models + Miss Moss Corsets & models

Hip hop, R&B, Pop and classics

Swing your tassles this way gals! Teaming up with us for a very grand Cinémaxtravaganza are Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School burlesque models and Miss Moss Corset models.

Dr. Sketchy is an international burlesque "anti art school" with a dedicated branch running regularly in Berlin. Dr. Sketchy's was originally started in 2005 by Molly Crabapple in New York, and now has branches all over the world across the States, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. We will be joined by a ravishing selection of Dr. Sketchy's models including the fiery-eyed GINGER SYNNE.

Miss Moss is a Berlin based costume designer and seamstress offering custom and handmade corset pieces (ask her about lingerie parties too). Miss Moss corset pieces will be presented on the night by a selection of her stunning models.

We have more delights in store to surprise you with on the night, do join us for a spectacular evening not be missed!

+ special guest DJ Jérôme de Lavillé

hosted by Glamcanyon, Elizafoxxx and Svenster with special thanks to Dr. Sketchy and Miss Moss Corsets.

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